Marketing Tips for Improving Your Free Stock Photo Website’s Sales without Spending a Ton of Money on Advertising

Creating a stock photography website is easier than ever, thanks to the many website builders available online today. In only a matter of hours, you can come up with a mind-blowing photography website to showcase your free stock photos. However, just building out an incredible photography website does not guarantee exposure and downloads. You have to put in more effort to market the site. Here are marketing tips to enhance the visibility of your photography website without huge outlays of money:

Social media posts automation is the newest way to market your free stock photos

Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest) can be overwhelming, considering the subscriber portfolio (over 2 billion) and the fact that many interesting engagements can distract you. This means that posting your posts on each social media platform can be daunting. Happily, you can alleviate the trouble by utilizing a free automation service called IFTT, which automatically posts your content to many different social media platforms in a go.

Take blogging seriously if you want your free photos to be recognized fast

Blogging is an effective way to engage and interact with your audience. It also alerts search engines that your brand is active if you post fresh content frequently, which can increase your rankings. A good rule of thumb is to blog about what your customers are interested in to allow them to engage more.

An email list is a powerful free stock photo website marketing tool

An email list is a potent marketing tool, as it allows you to send information about new products, alternative products, and discounts to your customers. If your customers know that they can find products at competitive prices, they will certainly come back to buy. Start building your email list once your photography website is up and running. Soon enough, you’ll have a large email list and selling your products will not be work anymore.

Utilize Google business pages to promote your free stock photos

More businesses are now focusing on ranking high on local listings. Google business pages enable that. If a customer searches products and services and includes your location, they will easily be directed to your website. So make sure to include your location in your domain name and other site details.


There are many other ways to promote your photography website without spending a ton of money, including offering referral bonuses, running contests or promotions on your website, networking with other photographers and much more. Just make sure to leverage every available strategy to propel your photography website.