5 Free Stock Photo Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Business Website

Let’s admit it; when online businesses are just starting out, the last thing the owners want to do is to burn money. That’s why they gravitate towards free stock photos when searching out for images for their business websites. Although free stock photos are considered clichéd, unimaginative and boring, you can turn around that perception and make them attractive and impactful. You just have to avoid the following mistakes:

– Choosing free stock photos that don’t reflect your brand

This is the biggest mistake most first-time business owners make when choosing free photos for their business websites. For example, you’ll find that an online business owner chooses animal photos for a computer-based website. This will not only look weird, but it will construe as lack of professionalism.

– Using free photos without customization

Most free stock photos do not have the kind of photo perfection required to elicit excitement and emotion. So using them just like that may not help your website. You have to give them the required photo perfection using a photo editing tool. A photo editing tool will edit, crop and filter your photos to make them look attractive and professional. The good thing is that you don’t have to spend money to edit your photos. Many free, easy to use photo editing software are available online today.

– Choosing free stock photos that have been used multiple times

The downside to free stock photos is that nearly everyone is free to use them. People are free even to use them for commercial purposes. This means that one image can be used by different people multiple times. You may even find your competitors using the same photo. Using such a photo will not help your business, as it will become too generic and clichéd.

– Not taking time to research the best free stock photos

It can be overwhelming to pinpoint the right photo for your website, considering the many free stock photography sites available out there. Many website owners are not ready to go through the trouble of researching the perfect photo for their websites. Instead, they choose any photo they stumble across first. This habit almost always ends up ruing their online business, as their websites become too boring to contemplate.


You can get great free stock photos if you commit to a meticulous research. It all starts with finding the most popular free stock photography website. Then dedicate enough time to scour the many photos available in your niche using your selected keywords. You will certainly find a high-quality free stock photo that synchronizes with your brand.

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