Find and Download Free Photos for Your Blog, Website or Social Media Posts

Need free photos for your blog, website or social media posts? You have come to the right place! Read this article and discover where to find and download the best photos!

When it comes to websites, blogs, and social media posts, we all automatically think about the visual content as let’s be honest – we all remember the photos and hardly one remembers the content.

However, the only problem is to find suitable photos you can use for your website, blog or social media posts. If you are not a professional photographer that means that you have to hire one to take unique photos you can use for your online projects. As you probably know this is an expensive solution and not everyone can afford it. So, what can you do?

You can just type the name of the photo you need and download it from Google. That is illegal and you can get into a lot of troubles. There is one thing you can do and that is to use stock photography websites.

The next time, when you ask yourself – where can i find high-quality, high-resolution, and free photos that are cleared to use for my social media content, blog posts or website, remember that you can use stock photography websites.

Before we introduce you to the best and most popular stock photography websites, we are going to explain you a few things you need to know such as what is creative commons and what is public domain.

Creative Commons is an organization that allows the use and sharing of art and creativity through various legal tools free of charge. There are different types of CC licenses or Creative Commons licenses and these licenses range from allowing only certain uses without edits, changes, and modifications to allowing any type of use with no attribution required.

The creations in the public domains are those creations who have been forfeited, whose copyrights have expired or creations who are inapplicable. Remember, finding something on the web doesn’t automatically mean that it is in the public domain. It is obligatory to read the terms and conditions of each website so you can be absolutely sure you are allowed to use a certain photo.

In this article, we are going to present you the best and most popular sources for visual content. We are going to present you searchable photo sites, free-form photo libraries, photo search tools, create-your-own image tools, and embeddable media.

  • Shopify This website offers a huge selection of free photos. The selection is frequently updated.
  • Free Digital Photos – A very popular site that offers high-quality and categorized free stock photos you can use for personal, business, and educational use.
  • IM Free – A website that offers a collection of free stock photos which can be used for commercial purpose only.
  • Public Domain Pictures – Here you can find a lot of photos uploaded by amateur photographers. If you want, you can get a premium account and download larger photos.
  • Ancestry Images – This website offers an image archive of historical maps, prints, and photos.
  • Gratisography – A collection of high-resolution and high-quality photos for both personal and commercial use.
  • FreeMediaGoo – Another great site that offers cost-free and royalty-free media that can be used in TV, film, print, internet, and etc.
  • Can We Image – This site searches and presents results from Wikimedia Commons.
  • Every Stock Photo – This is a search engine for free stock photos. The photos come from various sources and are license-specific.

Pick your favorite website and find great photos for your blog, website or social media posts!